Below are just a few highlights of the programs, materials, activations and promotions I’ve managed in the cannabis industry. For all of these I managed the overall strategy and content, provided art direction & feedback to the graphic designer, and was responsible for execution, often under tight deadlines.


Gratify Rewards was created to serve multiple retailer brands (Star Buds, Emerald Fields and R. Greenleaf) in Colorado and New Mexico. This project was soup to nuts: transitioning from another loyalty system to Alpine IQ; writing all customer comms about the change; designing the structure of tiers and rewards; creating a branded name and look for the new program; integrating with the website; and implementing in-store promotional materials. All ongoing and automated SMS & email customer communications were my responsibility.

The LivWell rewards program had many members, but only a fraction were opted-in to receive communications. To help correct this we developed in-store materials for both customers and employees to communicate the value of opting in and a training checklist budtenders could reference at the POS.

The result: 56% increase in opted-in members.



In cannabis-friendly publications we ran multiple full- and half-page ads, each with a different theme.


We used programmatic advertising to reach 21+ year-old cannabis-friendly consumers with a variety of offers.

The result: 164% ROAS (return on ad spend)

Sports Sponsorship

Star Buds was the first cannabis company to be a title jersey sponsor for a professional sports team, The Colorado Summit. This sponsorship introduced a new segment of professional ultimate disc athletes and coaches to the the benefits of cannabis. Even the Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis sported the jersey at the inaugural home game. At the games we gave away branded swag & merch and had the opportunity to talk with many families about cannabis.

The result: With an average of 2K fans in attendance at each home game, national streaming of select games on Fox Sports, and making ESPN’s top 10 plays, the brand exposure far outweighed the investment.

Retail Activations


Borrowing from other industries, we got into the spirit of the holidays with wrapping paper given with every purchase (included a bounceback coupon on the other side), sold gift cards and produced custom “ugly sweater” long-sleeve t-shirts.

The result: Bounceback coupon had a 23% redemption rate in the month of January, and gift cards had a 56% redemption rate within the first three months.

High Times Cannabis Cup

To gain exposure to new customers, two Star Buds stores were official sponsors and pick-up locations for the Cannabis Cup Judge Kits from High Times.

The result: All kits were sold within four weeks and brought in many new customers and loyalty sign-ups.

Pride Joints

In celebration of Pride month, exclusive Pride joints were sold at all (19) Star Buds stores across Colorado. To express our support, $1 of each joint sold was donated to a LGBTQ+ community resource center in Denver called The Center on Colfax.

The result: All joints were sold before the end of the month and we donated $6,000 to The Center on Colfax.


Since 420 is the Christmas of cannabis, retail advertising and promotions need to stand out among all the noise. To call attention to the special day in advance for those not-so-in-the-know, an active “countdown clock” was used on a prominent digital billboard and in digital advertising. Other tactics included sales in advance of 420, exclusive access to deals for loyalty members, bounce back coupons, giveaways and social media scavenger hunts.

Branded Merch & Swag

To freshen up existing apparel designs we leveraged wall graphics that were being used in store remodels and created new apparel. I came up with the “find your happy” slogan.

To support numerous store openings we designed a variety of swag for giveaways for two different retailers.

Field Marketing Collateral

We created a variety of materials – discount cards, coasters, rack cards – the stores could use at local events, with nearby businesses and at other field activities to increase brand awareness and store traffic.


Co-Branded Collabs

We collaborated with various suppliers to offer exclusive promotions in our stores. Pictured here are co-branded items we created with two large cultivators in Colorado – Bloom County and Cherry. We sold co-branded flower “taster flights” of three Bloom strains (H/I/S) and packaged them in a custom box, plus co-branded shirts and stickers featuring the strain artwork. The Cherry promotion was during the holidays so we designed an “ugly sweater” long-sleeve tee, and sold their flower and joints in co-branded packaging. All of these items were only sold at our stores.

The Result: Exclusive product offerings brought in more foot traffic and the growers benefited from increased brand awareness.

Product Bundles

In a store with a high volume of tourists, product bundles provided a quicker, easier option for consumers based on usage, product preferences and different buyer personas. The bundles were sold at a discount compared to purchasing the products individually.

The Result: The bundles allowed the store to move customers (especially newer cannabis consumers) more quickly to checkout, and serve more customers in a shorter period of time.